Strive Ninja Team

Strive owner/coach invitation required.  Please contact for more information

This program will introduce participants to the competitive world of Ninja Warrior.  The owner of Strive Ninja Fitness, Tim Keenan, has been connected to the competitive ninja warrior community for the past 3 years through his kids.

Enrollment fee of $250 includes:

*  8 weeks of training (2X per week) (Winter I is November 5 through Jan 18)

*  at least one competition held at Strive Ninja Fitness

*  Strive Ninja Team T-Shirt

*  unlimited open gym access during the session!!

For kids 6-17 years old.  Typical competition age groups are:






Ninja Warrior is an amazing alternative (or supplement) to traditional sports.  The community and culture is highly supportive and positive.  While the sport is competitive, participants are also expected to support and encourage other participants.

The Strive Ninja Team will practice twice a week.  (Tuesdays/Thursdays 6:05-7:20pm).  

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Owner/ Coach invitation is required for participation on Strive Ninja Team.  Those who have received invitations can register at the link below:

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