Registration Tips

Tips for new Strive members

If you are new to Strive, we will need you to create an account in our system so you can register for classes, open gyms, etc.  Key tip:

  • If you are a parent who wants to register your kid, the system works best if you create the account in the parent name first, and then add the child/children as a dependent to their account

You can contact me ( or the strive manager ( if you have issues/ questions.  

Adult NENA - Tier 2 Competition


For New England Ninja Association adults who have qualified for Tier 2...

Strive is holding a Tier 2 competition on Friday February 14th, starting at 6:30pm.

The competition is limited to 25 registrants.  Those who have NOT already qualified for Tier 3 will be prioritized ahead of those who have already qualified for Tier 3.  (People who have already qualified for Tier 3 can request a spot... and if we don't get 25 non-qualifiers, then a previously-qualified participant can be included in the run order.