Registration Tips

Tips for new Strive members

If you are new to Strive, the system can sometimes be glitchy during the initial enrollment process..  Apologies if you see an annoyingly generic and unhelpful error message:  "Something went wrong"...

These steps should eliminate most problems:

1.  Parent creates an account in parent's name.  (Do NOT add a child's birthday to the parent's name)

2.  Parent adds their child/children as dependent(s) to their account

3.  Parent signs the Strive e-waiver for their dependent(s)

You can contact me ( or the strive manager ( if you have issues/ questions.  

National Ninja League Qualifier


September 7th and 8th 2019

Registration for the Strive NNL Qualifying event on September 7/8 is now CLOSED!!

Courses will have 10+ obstacles! Redemption time after each competition wave, as time permits.

Register early as each group will be capped at 50 participants!!

7 NNL Age Groups – Tentative Schedule

Competing on Saturday September 7th

9am: Kids (6-8)

1pm: Mature Kids (9-10)

5pm: Pre-Teens (11-12)

Competing on Sunday September 8th

9am: Teens (13-14)

1pm: Young Adults (15-17)

5pm: Adults (18+)

5pm: Masters (40+)

Each age group also split by gender. 


Awards given to top 3 in each division!!

Top 3 in each gender/age division will qualify for the NNL championships in Feb 2020.  (In the event an athlete in a qualifying position has already qualified for the World Championship, their qualifying spot will move to the next highest ranked athlete at that event in the same gender and age division.)

Cash prizes for Adults!!

Adult Pros -- $225 1st place, $100 2nd place, $75 3rd place

Adult Masters - $100 1st place, $75 2nd place, $50 3rd place


Kids, Mature Kids, Pre-Teens, Teens, Young Adults: $55 before Aug 1, $65 after Aug 1

Adults/Masters: $75

Key info:

· Determining appropriate age groups: Please choose age group based on competitor age as of Feb 21, 2020. (NNL Championship is in Feb 2020. NNL Athletes must compete in the appropriate division based on their age at that time.)

· NNL Athlete ID required: Each athlete will need an NNL “Athlete ID” this season (for first-time NNL competitors, please see )

· Waivers: Two waivers will be required:

o 1. A Strive waiver (which you will complete upon registration if you are new to Strive.) 

o 2.  A NNL Season 5 Waiver:

· Additional info and past NNL results can be found on the NNL webstite (