NNL Event - December 8,9

December 8 and 9 NNL Qualifier

Strive Ninja Fitness is excited to join the National Ninja League this year! 

The National Ninja League (NNL) is an elite series of ninja warrior competitions throughout the country, leading to a National Finals competition February 16th - 19th in Hartford, CT


From National Ninja League:

Welcome to the National Ninja League. We are a non-profit organization of the Nation's top Ninja Warrior training facilities. Our goal is to help facilitate a venue for Ninja Warrior athletes to train in a global competition during the off season of NBC’s hit TV show “American Ninja Warrior”. The league will allow athletes to gain worldwide recognition and achieve athletic sponsorships for competing at a top level!

Format and Rules: Please visit www.nationalninja.com for the most up to date rules. 

YOUTH COMPETITORS:  The top three males and top three females within each age group will qualify for a chance to compete at the Youth NNL World Championship.  Youth age groups are determined by the age of each athlete on March 31, 2019.

During the competition, youth participants will challenge themselves on American Ninja Warrior style obstacles.  If their attempt at conquering the course falls short by failing to complete an obstacle, youth competitors may continue their run until their time limit for the course expires.  This allows for a most enjoyable experience.   

After each youth competitor wave, there will also be "redemption time" to allow participants another chance to conquer obstacles they saw on the course.  


Cost: $50 per registrant

WAVE TIMES (times are approximate)

Saturday, December 8th

  • Pre-Teens (11-12 yr olds) (9:15 check-in, wave 10am-1pm, redemption time after wave ends)
  • Mature Kids (9-10 yr olds) (1:15 check-in, wave 2pm-5pm, redemption time after wave ends) 
  • Teens (13-15 yr olds) (5:15 check-in, wave 6pm-9pm, redemption time after wave ends) 

NOTE:  FOR THOSE WITH PIKE13 ACCOUNTS AT ANOTHER GYM... Pike13 software gets confused if you have accounts at multiple gyms.  If you have trouble registering, please email tim@striveninja.com.  THIS EVENT WILL FILL UP... Please grab a spot while they are available!!!   

Pre-teens (11-12) Register Here (wave on Saturday 12/8)

Sunday, December 9th

  • Kids (6-8 yr olds) (8:30 check-in, wave 9-12, redemption time follows wave)
  • Young Adults (16-17 yr olds) (12:15 check-in, wave 1pm-5pm, redemption time follows wave)

Kids (6-8) register here (wave on sunday 12/9)

Adult Competitors

Ages 18+. Course design by Joe Dubuc.  The top 3 males and females in each division (Pro, Masters) will qualify for the NNL finals event in Feb 2019 in CT. Both the Pros and Masters will be competing in the same wave and on the same course.  

 Sunday, December 9th

  • Adults (18+)  (12:15 check-in, wave 1pm-5pm, redemption time follows wave as time permits)

Cost: $60 per registrant 

adults (18+) register here