Kids Classes

Level I Ninja - Spring Session

This is the place to start if your child wants to start training like a Ninja Warrior!

Overview:  Kids of any fitness level will progress through an 8 week course intended to develop strength, agility, balance, coordination and confidence.

Cost/ timing/ duration: $240 for an an 8-week session.  Participants attend class once per week for 1 hour

Dates:  April 22- June 14

End of class competition:  After the final week in the session there will be a fun kids’ ninja warrior competition where students will have a chance to run through a course that highlights the skills that they learned throughout the session!

Tentative competition date: Sunday, June 16

Ages/class times:  

6-8:  4 class options (Sundays 9:30am, Mondays 3:45, Tuesdays 3:45, Thursdays 5pm)

9-12:  4 class options (Sundays 10:45am, Tuesdays 5pm, Wednesdays 3:45, Thursdays 3:45)

Example obstacles that kids can be exposed to in the session: Quad steps, swinging rings, ring toss, cannonballs, monkey bars, various balance obstacles, cargo net, rope climb, cliffhanger and the warped wall! (This is not a prescriptive list… Obstacles and focus area will vary from week to week.)

Skill assessment:  each participant’s performance will be assessed throughout the session to determine if the participant has developed the necessary skills to progress to a level 2 class in a subsequent session. Level 1 can also be repeated.