Adult Classes

Intro to Ninja Warrior - for women (5 week session, Thursdays 7pm starting July 19th)

Some of the best ninja warriors are women and we want Strive to be a place for even more women to build their ninja sills.

This class will introduce interested women to ninja warrior obstacles and courses.  The class will introduce obstacles at a beginner level and the class will continue to progress as participants' skills advance.

Participants will advance skills related to balance, agility, grip strength and upper body strength.

Sample obstacles include:  quad steps, sonic curve, jumping spider, balance pipes, balance beams, ring swings, trapeze bars, rock traverse walls, ring toss, spartan walls, body prop, rope climbs, monkey bars and of course the warped walls.

5 weeks, $100.  Final week will include a mini-competition that strings together obstacles learned throughout the session

Advanced registration required.  Limited space

Adult Ninja Warrior - intermediate (5 week course, Mondays 7pm, starting July 2)


This class is intended for those who have taken the Adult intro class or those adults who feel they would like to start at a level a little beyond the introductory class. 


You will be challenged on more advanced obstacles than what is introduced in our intro session. (e.g., Swinging obstacles beyond rings, including cannonballs, cones, nunchucks, etc.) You will get exposed to more advanced techniques to overcome obstacles. You will also learn techniques for conquering obstacles with increased speed


Cost is $100 for the 5 week session.