Adult Classes

Adult - Intro to Ninja Warrior! (4 week course, Thursdays 6pm, starting May 3)

If you are a beginner and you ever wanted to give Ninja Warrior a shot, this is a great place to start!  

You will learn core ninja skills that will become a foundation for continual ninja training.  You will get introduced to the proper techniques to take on numerous obstacles... including the warped wall!!  

Also, if you have kids, you can sign them up for our kids open gym at the same time... let them run around in one part of the gym while you are training in another part of the gym!

Advanced registration required... Class size limited.  Cost is $80 for the 4 weeks.

Mon/Wed: 6-7pm Ninja Obstacle Training

In this class you will learn how to conquer many of the obstacles from the show, including the warped wall, salmon ladder, quintuple steps, jumping spider, swinging rings, cannonballs, cliffhanger, wingnuts, and many more. 

Meet other aspiring ninjas!!

Any skill level welcome. 

Tue/Thu: 6-7pm Ninja Circuit Training

This class focuses more on overall fitness and will use a mix of circuit training and the use of some of the obstacles 

Great fun way to do cardio!

Register in advance!

Please remember to electronically sign a waiver.  (That can be done at the same location where you register for classes.)

Additional Adult Class listings coming soon!